Team Rules and Guidelines

Holy Family Baseball Team Rules

Athletes are required to show respect and class at all times. Whether it is to teammates, opponents, coaches, umpires, or fans, athletes will conduct themselves in a mature manner.

Athletes must come to practice prepared every day. This means they must have:

  • Baseball Hat and glove. Hat must be worn properly
  • Pants when practicing outdoors (sweats, wind pants or baseball pants). If practicing indoors, you may wear proper shorts
  • Cleats for outdoors, tennis shoes for indoors.
  • Bag for gear (optional but recommended)

If for whatever reason you are going to miss practice or a game, you need to contact one of the coaches PRIOR TO the event. Failure to contact one of the coaches will bring with it the consequence of a loss of playing time and/or extra work at practice.

Gameday dress code:

  • Players must wear something dark green underneath their uniform jersey
  • Players must wear green socks
  • Any worn accessories must be team colors (white, dark green, black) ex. Wrist bands, batting gloves.
  • Shoes must be black, grey, white or Dark/Forest green.


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